VIP Programs and Loyalty Schemes in Online Casinos

Every casino has its own mix of features, with some overlapping the features found at other casinos and some standing alone. Many sites provide their players with loyalty programs, while some also offer VIP programs.

We decided to check out the differences between them and to examine some of the advantages you can look forward to if you become a member of one or both.

What is a VIP program at a casino?

This type of program tends to be reserved for the 'frequent fliers' - people who bet more and on a more consistent basis. Some are by invitation only, while others are accessible by anyone if they meet the minimum requirements for each level.

What is a casino loyalty program?

This is more common and appears at most online casinos. It is available to most, usually all, members, providing them with comp points for all the real wagers they make on their casino games.

Considering the perks of these programs

Let's tackle the comp points first. Players collect these as they play the real casino games, and once they've got enough, they can convert them. This might be into cash to withdraw or to play with or it could be in exchange for other things such as free spins or other perks laid on by the casino.

VIP programs are more involved, and usually offer several levels based on colors, gems, or more exotic things, depending on the theme used by the casino. Each level often provides a better conversion and/or collection rate for comp points. Players can also enjoy other deals and VIP promotions not available to regular players.

There can also be birthday surprises, VIP-only game access or tournaments, and many other features. You might even get personalized support if you reach a higher VIP level.

You can see that playing at an online casino that offers at least one of these programs is a good move. Search for the loyalty program first (sometimes called a comp points program) as this is the easiest to enter. Some casinos grant membership upon signup or when you make your first cash deposit. Knowing what to expect in advance is sensible as it means you can more easily select a casino that provides the perks you're searching for.