History and Evolution of Casinos: From Brick and Mortar to Online Platforms

Did you know that the first casino popped up in Italy all the way back in the 17th century? Indeed, the word casino itself is derived from casa, which means house.

Of course, the history of gambling goes back a lot further than that. People have always enjoyed betting in one way or another, so it was only a matter of waiting for someone to come up with a venue specifically for this purpose.

When was the first casino opened?

Casino di Venezia in Venice takes this title, opening in 1638. It would remain open until 1774.

However, many other casinos began to spring up throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. While Venice is pinpointed as the starting place, many other countries beyond Italy began opening their own casinos.

When did casinos start in the US?

The Crescent City House in New Orleans is often thought of as the first American casino, and it opened in 1827. It was open around the clock and provided meals to cater to those playing there.

Changing laws and times

In researching the history of casinos and gambling, it's surprising to find that the state of Nevada - home, of course, to Las Vegas, the heart of gambling and casinos in the US - banned gambling on several occasions throughout history.

The move to online casinos

New Jersey led the charge here, legalizing online casinos to operate in the state in 2013. You can see that the history of online gambling in the US is therefore short and is still evolving.

There is no doubt, though, that many people across the US - and indeed the world - are eager to get a taste of online casino play. With a chance to play practice games for casual appeal along with making real bets, there is surely more appeal for online play than for standard casinos.

Of course, regular casinos still have their place across the world. However, the online casino offers privacy, convenience, game choice, and the chance to play for free should you wish to. These elements make the future of online casinos brighter than ever - beginning the next chapter for casino development.