Gambling Laws Around the World: Understanding Online Casino Legality

Online casinos and gambling regulations… they go hand in hand, but in some countries, they're tightly holding hands and in others they're still figuring out whether there's any relationship at all.

It's a complicated topic to look at, but we'll provide some of the facts for you here. Wherever you live, there are some details you're sure to find useful.

Each country has its own regulations and laws

And whichever country you live in, you need to check those to determine whether you can enjoy some of the casinos that are (or might be) available in your country.

In some cases, though, things can be more complex. The US is the best example of this as they are divided into states. Each state has its own approach to online gambling, and casinos are just one part of that.

What does this mean? It means that you might live in a state that welcomes sports betting but does not welcome casino gambling. Since there is also horse racing, online lotteries, and sweepstakes events, the laws for each state might allow one or more of these but not the rest.

Offshore casinos offer their services in countries where they do not hold a license

Again, the US is a great example of this. Many people live in states where casino betting is illegal. Yet they can still play at offshore casinos, as they hold licenses elsewhere and still provide access to their sites for those in the US. As always, you should be aware of the laws where you live to see where you stand if you decide to use an offshore casino.

What about using a VPN?

If you cannot use an online casino in your location, a VPN helps hide your location and make it look as if you live somewhere else. However, many casinos prohibit this action, so check the rules before you consider doing this. In some cases, casinos can and will close accounts without notice if they suspect you are using a VPN. With plenty of other sites to choose from, it's best to avoid these.

Always be aware of the latest gambling laws for online casinos where you live

Laws are always changing, especially in the online gambling world. It's almost impossible to keep up with laws throughout the world. Wherever you live, and especially if you're in one of the 50 US states, you should find out the latest position before signing up for an account at any online casino.