Exploring Different Types of Casino Games: Slots, Roulette, Poker, and More

Totem Towers Slots

You can bet there will be plenty of game variations to try at the average online casino, although some offer way more than others. Check out our review of the most common casino games you might find.


Most players love slots, even though other casino games often have much better odds. Some casinos provide slots from a single source, whereas others have games coming from a handful of developers. The more you find, the bigger the collection you can choose from.


Each game offers a roulette wheel to spin the ball around and see which spot it lands in. The game also offers a table with various bets on it, from odd-even to a specific number. There are variations on the game, such as European roulette and American roulette, so be sure you know which version you are playing and that you understand the rules.


Yes, it's the game that asks you to try and hit 21 without going over. You receive two cards and can decide whether to stick with those or ask the dealer to hit you with another card. If your hand ends up closer to 21 than the dealer, you win.


You might also see this called Punto Banco, which is the American version of baccarat. Indeed, Punto Banco is the easier version to understand if you've never played baccarat before. The idea is to guess whether the player or the banker is going to end the round with the winning hand.

Video poker

A cross between slots and poker, this is the ideal game to start with if you're curious about poker. Here, you play the machine, with the various hands and multiplier winnings provided in the paytable. There are plenty of variants available, so check the rules for any individual game you find that looks appealing.


Poker comes in many variations, so it is important to know more about the game and which version you choose before attempting to play it. Poker is played against the dealer, whether that means a virtual dealer in a computer game or a real one in a live online casino. Among the variations are Texas Hold 'Em, Three Card Poker, and Seven-Card Stud.

Scratch cards

These usually appear under a specialty game heading, as most casinos don't have that many of them available. They work just the same as regular scratch cards, as you scratch off various panels using your mouse or finger if you're using a touchscreen device. Match three or find the object connected to a prize and you win.

What other casino games might you find?

The specialty area sometimes contains bingo or keno, although these are rarer at lots of casinos. Watch for original titles landing at certain sites as well - these might be slot games created specifically for that casino, giving you more reason to play there.