Introduction to Video Poker: Rules, Strategy, and Variations

Some say that video poker is a cross between regular poker and a slot machine. There are certainly some similarities, and it's good to be aware of those. Firstly, you are playing against a machine in the same manner you do with slots. Secondly, it's often easier to work out how to play video poker than it is to play the table game version inside a casino - especially if it's a live casino.

Below, we answer some of the most common questions people have about video poker and how to play it.

What are the basics of video poker?

As with all other casino games, there are different types of video poker game to play. To begin with, choose a game and load the demo version to try it out. Head for the paytable to get access to the rules and prize payouts, should you manage to score any of them.

If the game uses a traditional five-card hand, you'll receive five cards inside the game once you've placed a bet. You can decide which cards you'd like to keep and which you'd like to reject, receiving new cards to replace the discarded ones. If you win a hand, you'll receive a payout as per the amounts listed on the paytable.

What is the best video poker game for beginners?

There are a couple of games that provide good odds. One is called Double Bonus Poker and the other is called Jacks or Better. Our research indicates these titles regularly come out on top. The house edge tends to be smaller for these than for many other video poker games.

Where can you find a video poker paytable?

It should be right above the cards themselves. That's why we suggest playing video poker titles with demo versions, so you can see the prizes you'd get for each hand.

Top tip: Take your time to decide which cards to hold

When you're experimenting with a demo game of video poker, keep an eye on the paytable. When you draw a hand, look at the cards and see whether you have part of or a whole winning combination. This will help you work out which cards to hold and which ones to draw again.

Video poker is a great way to learn more about poker without needing to worry about playing against other people. You may find you enjoy it and never want to progress beyond this game. Alternatively, it could be the starting point that leads you to try some regular poker at an online casino - or even real dealer poker.

Whatever happens, video poker offers some of the best odds for the player at any online casino.