Casino Safety: How to Spot Secure Online Casinos

It's easy to find a stack of online casinos in mere seconds… but how can you tell which sites you can safely play at?

That's the question we aim to answer here. We'll provide you with some tips to help minimize the odds of choosing a casino you shouldn't play at.

Check for a valid license

All reliable casinos should hold a license for the country, state, or region they wish to operate in. You should also check the license and not merely trust the one mentioned on the site. They should provide a license number and details of the licensing authority. You should then independently visit that authority to check whether the license is real and valid.

Look for reviews

Online reviews can provide a picture of whether you've found a good casino or not. If there are lots of complaints, steer well clear. If most players are happy with the service, you can research further.

Check the dates on the reviews too. We've researched sites in the past that originally had excellent reviews, only for the more recent ones to identify a problem with the casino that has made us steer clear.

Search for fair promotions

No doubt you've spotted some amazing promotions at some online casinos. It's easy to be swayed by giant figures that are easy to pick up, yet those are not usually the best deals to get. They can have wagering requirements that are impossible to achieve, so read the small print before you claim anything.

Only use a casino if it has been established for a while

New casinos might look bright and shiny, but you cannot always tell whether they're genuine or not. Always do your research to find the casinos that have been around for a few years and have proven themselves in all the ways you'd expect them to, including completing quick payouts for their players.

If in doubt, keep looking

This is one of the best tips we can give you. Always trust your feelings about an online casino. Many big-name sites have been around for ages and players always flock to play there. Those are often the best ones to join as they're well established and have proven their worth.

However, you'll also regularly find sites that seem okay but simply don't feel right. Steer clear of those and of any others that don't meet the requirements we've laid out above.