Casino Game Odds: Which Games Give You the Best Chance of Winning?

How much do you know about casino game odds? It pays to find out more about them before you choose which games to play, as it might influence the games you want to try online.

It's worth knowing that there can be different odds in a game depending on the bets you make. For example, there are longer odds for winning via a Royal Flush in poker than if you went for a pair. It's best to consider overall odds to start with though, and then to dig deeper into a game to learn more about it. Remember too that games can vary depending on which game studio has created them.

Think about the house edge as well as your odds of winning a prize

Here's an example for you. The house edge for blackjack is approximately 2%. This means 98% of funds received from players are returned to players via prize money. The house (or the casino if you prefer) retains 2%.

However, the chance of winning a hand of blackjack is around 49%. Another advantage of blackjack is that it's not all down to pure good fortune. You can consider the value of your cards and assess the possibility of whether the dealer might hold a better one.

The odds for a game can vary depending on whether you use a strategy

Again, we'll use blackjack here to keep things simple. While the house edge is usually around 2%, some strategies (when correctly used) can drop this to about 0.5%, which is quite a difference.

What about slot machines?

Most online casino players love slot games, and it's easy to see why that's the case, thanks to creative themes and ideas. However, many of the games have a far bigger house edge than table games do. The average you should look for is 96% RTP, which gives a 4% house edge - double the amount we noted with blackjack. Some do go higher, with 99% the best of them, so it is best to look for those if you can.

As for the odds of winning, the low volatility slots produce more frequent payouts. They are likely to be smaller, but you'll have better odds of picking up prizes more often over a session of play.

Table games always have better odds than the slots

That said, you must know the rules of the table game you intend to play, otherwise you won't be able to make the most of the odds. For example, baccarat can have house odds of around 1.24%, but if you employ a strategy, you could drop those as low as 1.06%. Even better, video poker can sit at around 2% for the house, but it's possible to get those below 0.5% if you know how.