The Player's Guide: Responsible Gambling Tips for Conscious Players

Responsible gambling - two of the most important words you'll ever read that are associated with online casinos. We've provided a series of tips to make sure you do all the right things when playing at online casinos for real money.

Sort out an affordable budget

The biggest tip here is to make sure your budget is losable. This means you should be able to lose every dime and still afford to live and pay your bills. Think of it as entertainment money, with the possibility of the occasional prize.

Never borrow funds or deposit via a credit card

Depending on where in the world you live, the latter may not be available for you anyway. However, it's best to discount this method as you can easily get into debt if you use it. Don't borrow money from anyone else either for the same reason.

Don't indulge in gambling if you're bored, upset, stressed, or under the influence of anything

In other words, only visit and make wagers at online casinos and similar sites when you feel fine to do so. Drinking or taking drugs can change your mood and approach to gambling, hence why you shouldn't go near them if you decide to play at online casinos.

Limit the amount of time you spend playing

It can easily creep up if you're not careful. Look for the chance to use account controls if your casino provides them. You can use these to set a time limit and other limits as well if you wish, such as betting limits.

Don't try and win back any losses you've made

Think of your budget as a form of paying for entertainment. Once it's gone, don't attempt to have one more spin or hand of cards to see whether you can get some back.

Seek help if you need it

Most casinos do provide links to support services in various countries. Use these if you suspect you may be developing a problem.

Most people safely bet within their limits and enjoy the services offered by online betting sites and casinos. Make sure you know your limits and follow the above tips to minimize the chance of running into financial problems when you play there.