Casino Game Types: Diversifying Your Betting Experience

How many casino game types are there? We can provide an answer - plenty! In truth, it varies depending on which casino you choose to visit. So, it's best to think about whether you would like to switch sites if you're currently a member of one that doesn't have the range you would like.

We cover some of the most familiar casino games below. Would any of these prove interesting enough to check out?

Let's start with the slots

Plenty of casino players try these games, so you might already be aware of them. However, if you tend to prefer table games, the slots provide a different twist on things. Choose your reels and paylines and try anything from a simple three-reel fruit-based slot to some more complex games based on multiple bonus rounds.

Explore the table games

We're talking about card games for the most part, although roulette offers something different if you fancy betting on a ball spinning around the roulette wheel.

As for card games, blackjack is usually the simplest to understand. Baccarat and poker follow that, with multiple versions of poker to contend with if you want to try something more complex.

Live casino games

Many of the above games also feature in live online casinos. It's best to try the regular versions first before you move onto live games, otherwise it can prove to be complicated to get used to it. You also can't usually experiment by trying a practice version of a game there.

Another quirk of many live casinos is that you can try some alternative games. Some casinos have game show titles such as Deal or No Deal Live, for example. We have also seen Monopoly Live landing at several casinos, which is something else you could try.

How about some video poker?

Yes, this is another option to think about. It's a great introduction to the game as it provides a mix of poker and slots in the way the game plays. You won't need to worry about a poker face, for sure.

What else can you play at online casinos?

There are casinos offering other titles too, such as dice games, bingo, and keno. Our advice is always to begin by checking the game lobby to get a feel for what's there before you sign up.