A Journey through Excitement: List of Various Casino Games

Most casinos include a range of games for members to play. Slot machines are the most famous for many people, yet there are many other games to try as well. For instance, there are table games to try, and we highlight a few of the most popular ones below.

What types of casino games are there?

We're going to focus on five of the top games you might find in many online casinos. Check below to see which ones you've heard of and which ones you know how to play.

Slot machines

With three reels or five, multiple paylines or just one, and a myriad of other possibilities, slot machines are among the best-loved casino games around today. They date back decades, of course, but the online version has certainly found a new audience.


Can you hit 21 with the cards you are dealt in blackjack? You might win a hand with less than 21 as well, but only if the dealer doesn't get a bigger score than you. Make sure you don't score 22 or more though, otherwise you will go bust.


The wheel spins, the ball drops onto it, and everyone leans in to see where the ball stops. Will it be red or black or perhaps odds or evens? Or will you choose a number to see whether you can get the right one? The odds are longer on that idea but there is a bigger payout waiting if it does occur.

Video poker

If you are familiar with five-card draw, you might recognize the idea behind video poker. Some call this a marriage between poker and slots, and you can see where that idea comes from. You'll make a wager and then you're dealt five cards. You can choose to hold one or more and draw again to see if you can improve the hand for a prize.


Lots of online casinos offer this alternative to a lottery game or bingo game. It works with 80 numbers, and each game has 20 numbers randomly drawn. Players will choose anywhere up to 15 numbers in most keno games. The idea is to try and match as many numbers as possible with the ones drawn in the game.