Progressive Jackpots: Your Guide to Winning Big Online

If you've been to one or more online casinos, you've surely seen an area of the site reserved for progressive jackpot games. Some casinos have more than others, but they often come from several sources and provide you with one or more jackpots to chase after in each game.

In this article, we learn more about them to see whether there is a chance of increasing the odds of winning one.

Does anyone ever win progressive jackpots?

The answer is yes, of course - although it can be a few months or longer between jackpot drops in a single game. However, it's also hard for an individual to try and win one. This makes sense, since it is always the biggest prize in a game. With so many people playing, it's not going to drop that often compared to the number of players and spins on a slot.

Is it best to play slots with several progressive prizes?

We believe so. Some slot games have several progressive jackpots on offer. Each is bigger than the one before it, so the odds get longer the bigger the prize becomes when compared to the others.

These are better to play because while the odds are still long, having several progressives in action does increase the odds a little. Of course, you should note that you're still hugely unlikely to win a jackpot.

Check the RTP to get the best possible percentage

This stands for return to player, and it refers to the total bets that go back to players across a game's life. For progressive slots, there are two RTPs - one that considers the jackpots and one that covers the other prizes. By choosing slots with the highest possible values, you'll at least edge things slightly in your favor.

Look for 'must win' jackpots

These go by other names too, such as Must Go jackpots or similar. The idea is that the jackpot must be won before it reaches a predetermined amount. Let's say you find a slot game with a must win jackpot of $15,000. The current amount has reached $14,127. You know, therefore, that it is close to being won because it must drop before it reaches $15,000. This could be the best time to play since the jackpot is still to be won.

Of course, if the jackpot drops and resets to, say, $1,000, it could be won again before it even reaches $2,000, but it's another element to think about.

In the end, progressive jackpot slots should provide entertainment value, with the jackpots viewed as a bonus. Few people will ever be fortunate enough to scoop one, so you should see them as something extra to look forward to trying to trigger.