Slot Game Themes: From Classic Fruit Machines to Popular Culture Slots

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Online slots vary in so many ways, and yet there are certain elements that can be found in each of them. A good example is the slot theme, which can cover anything from simple fruit-based icons to themes that take you forward or back in time.

Here are some that you should look out for on your online casino travels. Will one of your favorites prove to be on the list?

Classic fruit machine themes

We must begin with the most famous of all, the fruity-themed slots, as these began slot machine history. Expect the famous cherries, along with bar symbols, the number seven, and golden bells. They don't just appear in three-reel slots though - you'll find some modern five-reel slots adopting this theme as well.

Mythological slot themes

This theme covers several areas that could each occupy a section of their own. Ancient myth brings forth Viking slots, Greek mythology, and Norse mythology among others.

Animal-themed slots

One of the most famous slots of all - Mega Moolah - is based on a jungle theme with lions and other animals in action. There are slots based around cats and dogs (or both at once), and you can often find games based on all manner of other creatures too.

Underwater-themed slots

Head just under the surface of the water or into the deep, depending on the game. There are mermaids, underwater creatures, sharks, fish, and all kinds of other icons to discover in these games.

Horror-themed slots

The famous Halloween movie has been the subject of a horror slot, but there are many others that do not tie into a movie or TV show. There are vampires, Dracula-based themes, and sub-themes that you can dip into… if you dare to brave them.

Ancient Egyptian-themed slots

We must include this example as there are so many that fall into this category. Ancient Egypt introduces hieroglyphs, Pharaohs, Cleopatra, and buried treasure, to name only a few examples. It's ideal to build a dramatic slot idea around.

And finally, a modern classic: The book-themed slot

Can there really be slots based around books? Yes - the book-themed slot uses a book as both wild and scatter, so it is a powerful symbol. The book always offers a different cover or theme, so it can tie into another theme to provide something innovative.

Which theme could be your favorite?

It's only by playing lots of slot games that you'll begin to understand which themes are more appealing to you than others. Try some today and see what you make of them.