Gem Splitter Slots

What did you make of the Gem Splitter title? We had an idea of what might happen, and it turned out we were pretty close, too. We're going to check it out here and give you some insight before you play.

Which format does Gem Splitter use?

There are five reels to begin with, but paylines aren't in action here. You have 243 ways to win instead, and that is just for starters. Depending on what happens, the MultiWays game element can produce up to 59,049 ways instead.

What are the smallest and largest wagers?

Gem Splitter requires a minimum real bet of 10 cents per go, which is reasonable given the potential it carries. The largest bet is $100 per go.

How many special symbols make it into this game?

Look for the multicolored ball marked as wild. You can guess what this does, right? It can sub for everything apart from the special symbols and scatter. The scatter is labeled too and looks more like a collection of crystals.

Standard symbols can split, so while they can appear singly in each position, it's possible to see two, three, or even four in the same spot. That's how the way wins can increase. One icon will always split wherever it appears in each go.

Can you net any free games in this slot?

You can, and you must get three scatters to trigger them. Ten games are on the way, with another symbol hopefully making an appearance too. This shows crystals with 3FS on them. You can guess that each appearance provides a further three free games.

While the gem splitter element still works in the free games, it always brings up four symbols per position rather than the chance of a lesser quantity.

Have you had the chance to play Gem Splitter yet?

This is an awesome game and puts a different spin on the way wins format. It's closer to a Megaways slot but is a little different from that too. Check it out and remember that the demo is the easiest way to be sure of finding out how all the features work without paying to do so.