Galaxy Stars Slots

Is this an intergalactic delight or a failure to launch? That was the question in our minds as we loaded the Galaxy Stars slot for the first time. We had questions and we are sure you do too. Let's see if we can answer any of them for you here.

What is the game format for Galaxy Stars slots?

The game provides you with five reels, and you can get a mix of 20 lines to bet on there too.

It's not a penny slot though

You'll spot a five-cent coin as the cheapest available option. It means you should be happy to part with a dollar per spin.

Special icons appearing in Galaxy Stars

Check out the flaming logo, as that's a wild icon. You can also see a black hole that looks like it has sucked the word 'bonus' into the middle of it.

Special features you can try and access in the game

Firstly, any prize with three or more symbols involved will create a Nexus multiplier. This doesn't boost the value of the prize, instead remaining in place for one spin. It means that anything won on the subsequent spin will receive the Nexus multiplier. It can be 3x, 5x, or even 8x in value.

Meanwhile, three scatters will bring you 10 bonus spins. Any wilds in play in the triggering spin will turn into sticky wilds. Each spin following that will see all wilds move one reel over to their left. New wilds landing anywhere change into Blazing Wilds and will also move over in the same manner.

And could you find a Lucky Star bonus anywhere in the game? There are no triggers for this as it occurs randomly. If it happens, you will see at least three and potentially up to six wilds dropping into play on the next spin.

Are you all set for the Galaxy Stars slot game action?

You can tell there is a lot to check out in this game - maybe more than you imagined. If you are eager to see what you make of it, try the practice version first if you can. We think you'll be impressed.