DCDCMTB Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

Join us for an intense, 2-day weekend clinic where we'll help you master and improve your mountain biking skills. This 14-hour program covers everything from cornering and braking to balance, body position, wheel lifts, and even basic drops. Our progression-based learning approach allows riders of all skill levels to progress and challenge within their own ability.

Advanced DCMTB Core Fundamentals

For those looking to take their skills to the next level, we offer an advanced version of our Core Fundamentals clinic. This more extended program emphasizes technique progression and more advanced maneuvers. We require that you have either taken our Core Fundamentals clinic or a similar one before joining this advanced program.

1 Day DCMTB Core Fundamentals

For those who can't commit to a full weekend, we offer a one-day condensed version of our Core Fundamentals clinic. This 7-hour program covers the essentials from bike set-up to cornering and braking, providing a solid base for all levels of riders.

Specialized Clinics

Tackling Technical Terrain/Rocks & Drops: This one-day comprehensive clinic helps you gain the skills and confidence to tackle challenging trails and technical terrain.

Wheel Lifts & Cornering: Master cornering and wheel lifts in our one-day focused clinic, where we'll discuss the principles and techniques to make you faster and smoother on your bike.

Jump, Berms, Bumps & Park Progressions: Join us for a park-based clinic where we'll build your skills and confidence to approach jumps, drops, and berms.

DCMTB Team Clinic - Race Prep: Sharpen your skills as a competitive athlete and learn the technicalities of race course approach in our focused team clinic.

Women's Only Mountain Bike Skills Clinics: Learn effective riding skills and techniques in a supportive, women-only group. Increase your confidence on the bike and ride with other like-minded ladies.

Skills and Trails Clinic: This unique program combines a skills clinic with a tour guide service, helping you take your riding skills to the next level on scenic and challenging trails.

Destination DCMTB Clinics: Join us for our destination clinics, combining mountain bike skills training with the experience of unique locations. These 3-day to week-long clinics also include yoga for athletes, making them the perfect retreat.

Private or Semi-Private DCMTB Clinics: Benefit from a focused, personalized skills training session with one of our experienced instructors. These 2-hour minimum clinics are perfect for overcoming any roadblocks in your riding.

Skill-Focused Specific Clinics: These one-day sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether it's pre-race skill focus or personalized coaching, we've got you covered.

Gravity-Downhill/ Park-Based Clinics: Get your adrenaline rush with our gravity riding clinics, designed to help you conquer the mountain and master your downhill skills.

For any queries or for further information about our clinics, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're always happy to help you reach your mountain biking goals.