5 Times Vegas Slots

Las Vegas never sleeps and it's no wonder given all those casinos and bright lights. The 5 Times Vegas slot distils some of that into the game, but can it produce five times as much entertainment as you might think? Discover more about it before you play.

5 Times Vegas - reels and lines on offer

This is a smaller 3 x 3 game, offering three lines that all run horizontally across the screen.

Betting options for the game

Choose wisely before you begin; you can use the practice game to check the values and to see if the slot provides a reasonable bet amount to choose.

Are there special symbols to watch for?

Yes - the wild is important to the game and you can look for three versions, too. Each shows a multiplier, so you might spot x2, x3, or x5 in play. This means that if you get a prize with a wild, it will receive that value as a multiplier for the prize.

The 5 Times Vegas slot isn't big on bonus features

You might have guessed this as there is just one special icon and a small grid of icons to spin with each go. However, those multipliers wilds could be even better than you think.

You see, multiplier wilds don't just boost the value of a prize. If you get two contributing to a line prize, they work together. Let's assume your line prize includes a 5x wild and a 2x wild, for example. Should this be the case, they'll multiply together, which means you'd get 10x the original amount for that prize.

5 Times Vegas really could be five times as good as you thought

Yes, if you are a fan of wild multipliers in online slots, you can bet this game has some of those in action. You never know whether you'll get one or more in any spin or whether they might work together to create even bigger multipliers. This makes every spin worth watching. You can get a sense of how the game works via the demo, and that's the best introduction you can hope for if you want some 5 Times Vegas action today.